Winter Delicacies

Taraba Kani
Deservingly called King Crab, this eight-legged giant that dwells in cold seas is favoured for its thick meat and sweet flesh

Known as the foie gras of the sea, Ankimo has a rich and creamy taste that feels velvety and light

A favourite wintertime treat in Japan, Fugu can only be prepared by licensed chefs.The flesh is firm and it has a mild, slightly sweet flavour

Japanese strawberries are famous for being extremely sweet without traces of acidity. Its scent is reminiscent of roses in bloom 
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Shimonita Negi
This Japanese long green onion has a sharp, slightly spicy taste that becomes milder when cooked

A Japanese turnip with a mild, sweet flavour that tastes incredibly fresh. Its green tops are edible, too!

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33, EQ
Your Favourite Weekend Brunch Buffet
at Plaza33

Take your buffet experience to the next level with Kampachi Plaza33! Indulge in a feast of Japanese delicacies of the highest quality ingredients with stellar service to boot. Definitely a meal to remember.

Time: 12pm – 3pm

Adult: RM188
Child: RM98 (ages 6-12)
Free flow sake (optional): RM100

The Legendary Japanese Weekend Buffet at Kampachi EQ

Experience sheer Japanese indulgence at Kampachi EQ with a dizzying array of delicacies meticulously prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Time: 12pm – 3pm

Saturday Buffet:
Adult: RM258
Child: RM98 (ages 6-12)

Sunday Buffet:
Adult: RM208
Child: RM98 (ages 6-12)
Free flow sake (optional): RM100

Kampachi Sushi Boxes

Take your sushi experience to the next level with exquisite, fresh sushi made with the highest quality ingredients by our expert chefs. Available for takeaway and delivery, take the 5-star Japanese experience to your home!

Contact us to order.

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33, EQ

Sink your teeth into pillow-soft, gooey, premium Daifuku made with Japanese ingredients, rich with fillings like Walnut, Chestnut and the crowd-favourite, Strawberry.

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33, EQ
Kampachi Sushi Omakase

Bound to heighten your Sushi Omakase experience with the best seasonal ingredients and unbeatable passion.

Menu starting from RM500.

Available at:
Plaza33, EQ

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The Best Gifts To The Ones That Matter

Premium Japanese Fruits selections are available in gift packaging. Please enquire within for varieties and pricing details.

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33, EQ
Kappou Dining

Kappou in Japanese generally means “cut” and “cook”, which is also an all-embracing name for fine dining experiences such as Kaiseki and Omakase.

Unlike the Ryotei style that is presented in a formal and stately manner, Kappou dining enables diners to sit right in front of the chef. This allows people to savour the form, skill, and artistry of the chef.

* 2-days advance reservation required

Available at:
* All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia and subject to prevailing taxes.


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