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Tanabata Wish & Win - Winners

Congratulations! We are pleased to announce our Tanabata Wish & Win Winners:

1st Prize: Mr. Wong Mian Hiong
2nd Prize: Ms. Adlin Ahmad
3rd Prize: Ms. Jascel Chan

Consolation Prizes:
Ms. Shienly
Ms. Nadia Hanafiah
Mr. Benedict Chew
Mr. Lai Kar Mun
Ms. Suhaila Md Said



Savour Autumn

RMM 115 nett/100gm

For a limited time only, savour the heavenly slices of Kawahagi (かわはぎ,Thread Sail Filefish).
Freshly flown from Japan!

Available in:

Fine Sliced Raw Sashimi

Simmered with Chef’s Homemade Sauce

Japanese-Style Deep-fry
Served with Ponzu Vinegar Sauce



Available at:
Troika , Pavilion, Plaza33

Juicy. Beefy. Perfection.

The aroma as the snowflake-marbled beef sizzles on the Hot Lava Stone is simply irresistible. Grill every slice to perfection and highlight each with one of our chef's handcrafted sauces to bring out the full flavour.

Experience this luxurious Premium Beef Course:
5 varities of top-grade wagyu

RM 668 per pax

Available at:
It’s Always A Good Time For Champagne

RM55 onewards per glass

What better signals the start of the holiday season than the happy sound of a Champagne cork popping? Raise a glass and make a toast today with your special ones!



Available at:
Troika , Pavilion, Plaza33

The Ultimate Japanese Curry Rice

For a limited time only, savour the authentic Japanese curry rice in six different dishes! Made from the famous Awajishima onions from the Hyogo Prefecture, this Japanese curry will leave you in sensation with its three different tastes - spiciness, sweetness and thickness. We call this the "depth of deliciousness" you will taste in your curry.

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33

Your Favourite Japanese Buffet

A favourite of many, the famed Kampachi buffet is back to satiate your authentic Japanese food cravings. Reservations are highly recommended.

Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
Time: 12.00pm – 2.30pm
Adult: RM168
Child (ages 5–10): RM108

Reservations highly recommended.

Available at:
An Extraordinary Sunday Brunch Experience

The Kampachi Sunday Brunch offers a sumptuous semi-buffet featuring premium cuts of air-flown sashimi, beef and seasonal highlights to whet diners’ appetite. You will love the variety and taste of this concept.

Every Sunday
12.00pm – 3.00pm

Adult: RM198
Child (ages 5–10): RM110

Reservations highly recommended.

Available at:
Salmon Trio

RM168 per portion

Sashimi, Sushi & Reverse Maki
4 Pieces Each

Available at:
Kanpachi Carpaccio

RM178 per portion

Thinly Sliced Amberjack with Carpaccio Dressing

Available at:
A Healthier Alternative

Customers concerned with the intake of salt will be pleased to learn that Kampachi now offers soy sauce that contains 45% less salt. Enjoy the benefits of a healthier alternative with the great taste and nutrition of our normal soy sauce. Feel free to request from our staff the next time you dine with us.

Available at::
Pavilion, Plaza33, Troika


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