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The Taste of Harmony

Explore the euphoric new flavors and savour the beauty of Omakase through the imaginative creations of Keisuke Yamazumi.

Limited seats available.

19 April 2019
6pm – 9pm
Kampachi Plaza33

23, 24 April 2019
6pm – 9pm
Kampachi EQ

26 April 2019
6pm – 9pm
Kampachi Pavilion

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33, EQ
Delightful Semi-Buffet in conjunction with Secretaries' Week

Hats off to your super organised and multi-tasking secretary or administrative colleagues. Gift them a treat to a sumptuous and delightful semi-buffet. Buffet vouchers on sale now at RM129 nett each.

Gift Card of RM100 is also available.

Dinner Buffet
Kampachi Pavilion
22 & 23 April 2019
6.00pm – 8.00pm

Lunch Buffet
Kampachi Plaza33
26 April 2019
12.00pm – 2.30pm

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33
Spring Season Specialties

Spring up your taste buds with these seasonal produce from Japan.

Sakura Masu
Wild Cherry Trout from Hokkaido available in Sashimi, Shioyaki or Teriyaki styles

Spring Bamboo Shoots available in Tempura, Nimono, or Yakimono styles

Sakura Ice Cream
Homemade Sakura Ice Cream

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33
Highball & Tatami Iwashi

Discover the next level of aroma and flavour with the pairing of Nikka Highball and Japanese’s all-time favorite Tatami Iwashi.

RM55 per set

Available at:
Pavilion, Plaza33
Japanese Afternoon Tea

Served daily from 3pm-6pm

Relax and recharge your day with our teatime treat!

Japanese Anmitsu
Japanese Mixed Sweet Delights with Choices of Houjicha or Matcha Ice-Cream.
RM 28

Dorayaki Ice Cream Sandwich
Dorayaki filled with Matcha Ice-Cream and Fruits.
RM 26

Dorayaki Maple Vanilla
Crispy Dorayaki with Vanilla Ice-Cream, Banana and Strawberries.
RM 26

Tonyu Kibi Mochi
Soy Bean Milk Curd with Brown Sugar.
RM 18

Tonyu Pudding
Soy Bean Pudding with Coconut Milk and Green Tea Syrup topped with Azuki.
RM 20

Available at:
An Ultimate Enjoyment for All Senses

Watch in awe when our Teppan Master Chef Ambon performs thrilling feats of knife juggling, flambéing his palatable creation while the sizzling sound and aroma resonate with your senses.

Kampachi Weekend Brunch Buffet
@ Plaza33

The renowned Buffet in town has expanded the selections with new and not-to-be-missed items!

Sunday Buffet

Scrumptious spread of buffet with additional new premium items such as: Slipper Lobsters,
Snow Crabs and Salmon Heads.

Adult : RM 148 nett / pax
Children (5-10 years old) : RM 78 nett / pax

Available at:

Saturday A la Carté Lunch Buffet

Enjoyable Brunch with unlimited made-to-order selections brought to your table.

Adult : RM 168 nett / pax
Children (5-10 years old) : RM 108 nett/ pax

Available at:

A Healthier Alternative

Customers concerned with the intake of salt will be pleased to learn that Kampachi now offers soy sauce that contains 45% less salt. Enjoy the benefits of a healthier alternative with the great taste and nutrition of our normal soy sauce. Feel free to request from our staff the next time you dine with us.

Available at::
Pavilion, Plaza33


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